AI/ML & Big Data in Investment Management

AI. Machine Learners. New Gen Quant Funds. Quant-amental. Digital Disruption. Human/machine intelligence

Discover the latest trends in quantitative model development. AI and Machine Learning in Investment Management is an educated look into the opaque world of quantitative investing and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, big and small Data.

The presenter will separate fact from fiction and hype from reality. Learn how asset managers are deploying algorithms and advanced statistical modeling to classify and monetize varied and differentiated sources of potential alpha. Although quants have not taken over Wall Street (not yet, anyway), the audience will be surprised to hear just how widespread automated trading systems (ATS) and algorithmic investing are being deployed in today’s equity markets.

The presenter reveals some of the largest practitioners of quantitative investment management and emerging players in the quant investing space. Increasingly, asset managers are combining human and machine intelligence in the investment decision-making process. There’s a virtual arms race fueled by 1,000+ alternative data set and tech vendors frantically hiring data scientists, computer engineers and math PhDs. No previous experience required!

In 2019, the CFA Institute addressed emerging FinTech applications by requiring exam takers to have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence, big data and robo-advisory algorithms 1.

Agenda for AI and Machine Learning in Investment Management includes:

  • Follow the Money: Algo Trading and Quantitative Fund AuM
  • Machine Learning Origin/Evolution
  • Quantitative Models/Practitioners
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • Quant-amental Emergence
  • Amazoned — Digital Disrupters
  • AI/Machine Learning Drawbacks
  • Key Takeaways/Action Steps
1“CFA Exam to Add Big Data, Artificial Intelligence as Topics”, Bloomberg, 5/9/17

Rick Roche, CAIA